Exhibiting is affordable, fun and very productive!

- Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with your clients, it develops immediate trust and understanding.


- Exhibiting at Expat-Expo is affordable because we work together to bring visitors to the event. Our community spirit and support is what makes us strong! 


- Tables begin at only Fr. 210 in Zug and only Fr. 265 in Zürich, Basel and Geneva*.

*For Unregistered companies only, Registered and Financial companies are slightly higher. More pricing information is here.


- Expat-Expo works because our exhibitors work together to reduce marketing expenses and maximize exposure by promoting the expo directly to their clients. Without this grass-roots approach we simply could not exist.

February 9th


Only 3 tables remaining

March 22nd 


Registration is open and space is


To be announced

To be announced

Zurich and Geneva 2019:

We are very sorry but we have had some problems with the locations for our Zurich and Geneva 2019

events and therefore we will not be able to hold our expos in these cities as previously planned.

Registration FAQs


How do I register? Just click on the Canton of your choice above.

What is Expat-Expo, who attends and who exhibits?


How much does it cost to exhibit at Expat-Expo?


What do the exhibitors say about Expat-Expo?


I would like to see a list of past exhibitors.


How can I be a Sponsor of Expat-Expo?


May we share our table with another organisation? Sorry, we only permit one organisation per table and you may not display or distribute promotional material for other companies.


Can I come and hand out my flyers without registering for a table? Sorry, you have to be an exhibitor.


Conditions for exhibiting.

Exhibitor Support

I want to see the floor plan  ZUG   BASEL 


I need set-up information   ZUG    BASEL  


I need some advice on how to make my expo successful.


How big will my table be?


Zug: 180 cm x 80 cm x 75 cm

Basel: 180 x 75 x 72.5 cm


How much space will I have? There is about 50 cm between tables and 60-80 cm behind the table.


Where can I buy a roll-up banner and have flyers printed reasonably? The best prices we have found are at: www.onlineprinters.ch


Can I put my flyers in your shopping bags? You have to be a Gold or Silver Sponsor to be able to put your promotional literature in our shopping bags.

Do you have a question?

Just send us an email.

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